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Welcome to Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust..


Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust is the primary target of the Trust is to make the monetary elevate of the general population. The goal of the NGO is to bring the critical plans keep running by the administration to the general population


Massage form Founder and Co-Founder

Last year we committed our self for society serving beat any issue and concerned. Any we full fill our duties very well. Society and many organization appreciated our work by word, reward and awarded time to time. i want to thank my team, members, support and sytem for the heights of Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust.

I am hoping best in this year from our talent and by our best efforts. we will serve the society by our best efforts and Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust NGO and will keep on each and every issue of social improvement. It has been working on Save Girls, Education, Stop Poverty, Make Financial Strong to every person who is connected with Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust and Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust is committed until the ratio become Zero. And leat but not least Poverty Issue which consist of many social issue. Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust always support the poor and will continue same. Hoping best for Lakshya Jan Kalyan Trust and society in the coming True.